APC Checkout at OMDB
11th of January 2019 , 17:00z

Dear Friends!

On 11th of January 2019 from 17:00z we hold an APC Checkout for Benjamin Roemer at Dubai Arrivals.

Please bring your wings and come to help Benjamin to get his 2nd golden star! We need mainly IFR DEP/ARR in the area and IFR Circuits (OMDB, OMSJ and OMDW).
If Benjamin has someone asked for Center, and/or Tower please let that guy to come and book that position. If he has nobody, is free to fill it!
OMAE_CTR would be awesome also.
Please leave both Departure and Director positions free because Benjamin will do it as well.

Emergencies are only allowed on the Examiner’s request!

*This session is available for ATC/Pilot Assistance Training Award. For ATC, OMDB/OMSJ/OMDW Tower/Ground/Delivery/Approach and OMAE_CTR are available.
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