GCA Checkout at OMDB
Date: 22th of December 2018, from 15:30z

Dear Friends!

On the 22th of December 2018 – 15:30z we will hold a GCA checkout for Marcelo Saraiva at Dubai TMA (OMDB, OMSJ and OMDW). Please bring your wings and come help Marcelo to get his XG GCA!

Like at every checkout, positions that Marcelo will be controlling is blocked for everyone. Any positions that he is not responsible for above or below, is up to Marcelo to ask people to fill the positions. If Marcelo has nobody to fill the positions, feel free to contact him with your assistance. Any traffic is appreciated that would make contact with Marcelo’s ATC position during the session.

The following positions will be BLOCKED: OMDB_DEL/GND/TWR!

Emergencies are only allowed on the Trainer’s request!

*This session is available for ATC/Pilot Assistance Training Award. For more details click here!

GCC Region Division
All together for a better future

Matias Demirdjian
Training Coordinator – GCC Region