Dear members,
IVAO XG ATC Operations Department is proud to announce that a brand new ATC Quick View has been added to our website. Developed by Ben Roemer (XG-TA2) and Zakariya Al Zakwani (XG-AOC), the new quick view includes a new layout, up to date information and is more detailed than the previous version. One new airport has been added to the Quick View, Salalah (OOSA) with Al Bateen Executive (OMAD) to be added later on.
Additionally, the website has also been updated to include Oman’s AIP.
The documents can be found under the “Resources” section in the IVAO XG website.
If you find any errors or have any feedback, don’t hesitate to email us

Zakariya Al Zakwani
ATC Operation Coordinator – GCC Region