What is GCA?

GCA is the acronym of Guest Controller Approval, it allow at members of foreign divisions to control in XG division countries.

Countries included:

United Arab Emirates




1. Foreword

The IVAO GCC Division is following the Guest Controller Approval policy described in

IVAO Rules and Regulations
“Divisions, participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program, may require users registered with foreign divisions, to obtain a GCA before being allowed to log on to a FRA restricted position. Such GCA requirement(s) shall be published on the division website in English language.”
All ATC positions are subject to the Facility Rating Assignments (FRAs) which are enforced by the XG Division and require a Guest Controller Approval (GCA) for non-XG members.

2. Minimum requirements to request GCA

The XG division expects GCA applicants to hold a rating that is at least equivalent to the position they apply for. Therefore, we will only issue GCAs for members with an ATC rating of “ADC Aerodrome Controller” or higher. The list below shows which ATC positions you can cover:

    ADC rating -> DEL/GND/TWR

    https://ivao.aero/data/images/ratings/atc/6.gifAPC rating -> DEL/GND/TWR/APP                 

    https://ivao.aero/data/images/ratings/atc/7.gifACC rating -> DEL/GND/TWR/APP/CTR        

There can be exceptions for experienced ADC controllers wishing to try Approach Positions listed within the FRA’s. This also applies to experienced APC controllers wishing to try Centre positions. This exception can be done if the GCA applicant asks and goes through the GCA practical test required with an XG division examiner, in order to control the positions listed in the FRA’s. Furthermore, the XG division expects GCA applicants to know our airspace structures, such as local procedures, ATC Positions, etc…

Also a requirement to control at least 3 hours per month. We’ll check all GCA applicants to meet this criteria. We’ll do checks once a month. If you have any problems, issues which blocks you to meet with this criteria you shall write to training@xg.ivao.aero and DIR/ADIR/TC/TAC can give exception from this rule

If you complete an exam at your division that doesn’t mean that you can have the same approval here. For example: You’re ADC rated controller with XG GCA for Tower facility, you’ve done your APC exam at your home division then you need to have a new checkout for APP facility. NOTE: Written exception is always may give by DIR/ADIR/TC/TAC without any reason.

Members who recently transferred from XG division, shall wait 6 months before requesting GCA. The division HQ might give exception case by case.

3. Regions and Facilities

We introduced regions in GCC Division which are the following: Bahrain (BH), Qatar (QA), UAE – Emirates (AE) and Oman (OM). The GCAs will be valid only for specified regions approved by XG Training HQ. You may have approval for all regions but during the first month you might have only 2. For a new region approval you shall write to training@xg.ivao.aero. You may expect interview or a short online quiz to get the new validation. DIR/ADIR/TC/TAC anytime can give exceptions.


You also have approval for facilities. In our division they will be the following: TWR, APP, and ACC. Once you get qualified for TWR or APP or ACC you have the same qualifications in all regions. That means you don’t need to do new checkout for APP in each region

Resuming the all above: you will have a region and a facility validation, once you got qualified you don’t need to re-take any checkout unless you’ve lost your GCA.

4. Approval process

To apply for a GCA approval you will need to meet the requirements stated above. If you meet them, please fill in the form below. Please fill the call sign where you would like to take the checkout and in the comments please indicate for which region you would like to get your GCA (up to 2 at the first month). You will be then contacted by one of our staff members to arrange a GCA Practical Test or to receive the appropriate training. Once all that is completed, the divisional training department will evaluate the report given by your instructor and if they approve you will be cleared to operate in the XG ATC positions in agreement with the FRAs in your approved region and the XG GCA will be indicated in your profile.

5. Removal of GCA

Your GCA can be revoked at any time if:

  • You violate one of the IVAO’s R&Rs;
  • Don’t behave according to the IVAO spirit. We have zero tolerance for disruptive, disrespectful and rude members;
  • You don’t show a good knowledge of the local procedures and the XG Division’s local procedures;
  • You don’t control at least 3 hours every month.


To request a Guest Controller Approval Contact Training Department