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In every community rules and regulations are inevitable. When these rules make sense, they contribute to the overall performance and joy of life within that community.

IVAO™, being a network with thousands of users, we also have rules and regulations that must be followed. We tried very hard to keep our Rules and Regulations as simple and understandable as possible. Still, for an optimal performance of our network, it is necessary that all users to know, understand and follow these rules which provide a structure to our virtual aviation organization.

On these pages we have collected our basic rules and regulations (See the menu to the left).  In this way it will be easy for you to find the desired information. In case you have comments, suggestions or questions about the Rules and Regulations, do not hesitate to contact us .

We wish you a good time using the services of the IVAO™ network and look forward to meeting you online.

The IVAO™ Staff

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